News //

“Disability, Curating, and the Educational Turn: The Contemporary Condition of Access in the Museum,” On Curating, Issue 24, December 2014

“Composing Dwarfism: Reframing Short Stature in Contemporary Photography,” The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal, Volume 10, Issue 3 & 4, December, 2014

On December 2, 2014, the National Endowment for the Arts awarded $29 million for arts projects. I’m very pleased to say that my exhibition, “Art of the Lived Experiment,” that I’m co-curating with Aaron Williamson, which Aaron originally conceived for DaDaFest International 2014 under Ruth Gould‘s leadership for the Bluecoat, and is now touring to Grand Rapids, Michigan from April 10 – July 31, 2015 as part of the DisArt Festival, has been awarded $50,000!!! WE ARE THRILLED, especially given that we understand that this is one of the first occasions that a disability arts-based exhibition has been awarded such a significant sum of money from a prominent US-based federal agency! Click the link to visit the NEA News Room and read more.

The curator’s tour of LOUD silence accompanied by an ASL interpreter: 

A small video of LOUD silence by CSUF newspaper “The Daily Titan”: 

“From Outsider to Participant: Developmentally Disabled Dialogue in Socially Engaged Art,” Museums and Social Issues: A Journal of Reflective Discourse, Volume 9, No. 2, October, 2014.

Designer Sara Hendren has posted information about my Alterpodium project on her Abler site. Alterpodium is a custom-made, portable disability object that I use to “perform disability” during international and national conferences, symposiums and lectures.

I am the proud recipient of the Society for Disability Studies 2014 Irving K. Zola Award for Emerging Scholars in Disability Studies! I received my Award and check during the annual SDS conference in Minneapolis on Saturday June 14, 2014.

Upcoming //

LOUD silence, gallery@calit2, University of California San Diego, CA, January 22 – March 13, 2015. Special opening reception on Thursday January 22, 4-7pm with performance by Christine Sun Kim and round-table conversation with curator Amanda Cachia, Professor Lisa Cartwright and Professor Brenda Brueggemann, accompanied by ASL interpreters and CART services. See the press release to learn more.

Guest lecture “Alterpodium,” Olin College of Engineering, Boston, MA, invited by Assistant Professor of Design, Sara Hendren, Monday January 26, 10:50am-12:30pm

Guest lecture “‘Disabling’ the Museum: Curator as Infrastructural Activist,” University of California San Diego, CA, invited by Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies and Critical Gender Studies, Jillian Hernandez, for “Theories of Embodiment” class, Thursday January 29, 10-11am

LOUD silence film screening event with Alison O’Daniel, gallery@calit2, University of California San Diego, Thursday February 5, 4-7pm, accompanied by ASL interpreters.

Discussant for “The Gaze, the Stare, and the Look Away: New Images of Resistance in the Aesthetics of Disability” panel chaired by JoAnn Purcell, College Art Association, New York City, February 11-14, 2015

LOUD silence Curator’s Tour with ASL interpreter, gallery@calit2, University of California San Diego, Thursday February 17, 2015, 3-4pm

Co-organizer of “Hysterical Bodies: Disabling Normative Behavior in Contemporary Art,” UCSD Visual Arts Department 8th Annual PhD Symposium, with Keynote by Dr. Amelia Jones, Professor and Robert A. Day Chair of Fine Art and Professor of Critical Studies at USC Roski School of Art and Design, Los Angeles, March 6-7, 2015. The Call for Proposals has now closed but to learn more, visit this link.

Curator’s talk and official launch of virtual exhibition, “Marking Blind” for Curated Space, Arts & Disability Ireland, hosted by and coinciding with curatorial residency at Fire Station Artists Studios, Dublin, Ireland, March 9-11, 2015

“‘Disabling’ the Museum” plenary lecture for Awkward Bastards Symposium, hosted by MAC Birmingham and organized by DASH Disability Arts, Thursday March 12, 2015

“Curating Disability and Access: Ethics, Pragmatics, Effects,” inaugural talk hosted by Disability Research Centre (DRC), Goldsmiths College, University of London, Friday March 13, 2015

“Accessible Museums and Galleries,” Definitely Able Conference, hosted by University College London Qatar, SASOL, the British Council and the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar, March 17 – 19, 2015

Art of the Lived Experiment, co-curated in the US by myself and Aaron Williamson, April 10 – July 31, 2015, hosted by Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Kendall College of Art & Design at Ferris State University and Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, organized by DisArt Festival. (originally curated by Aaron Williamson for DaDaFest International 2014 and hosted by the Bluecoat, UK, November 8, 2014 – January 11, 2015.

“Performing Crip Time: Bodies in Deliberate Motion,” paper for Open Engagement 2015: Place and Revolution category, Carnegie Mellon University & Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA, April 17-19, 2015

“Marking Blind,” Blind Creations conference, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK, June 28 – 30, 2015