"Gender in Space: Policies, Pedagogies, and Publics"

November 09–10, 2018

Image for 2018 Max Wasserman Forum on Contemporary Art
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The MIT List Visual Arts Center
2018 Max Wasserman Forum on Contemporary Art, "Future Genders"
Cambridge, MA

Other Speakers

This panel brings together a range of figures working across the visual and spatial fields to brainstorm, share, and critically reflect on creative strategies for engaging (with) gender in public space. In an age of trigger warnings and safe spaces, bathroom bills and border walls, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, panelists will consider the following questions. What are the potential and limitations of art, architecture, and activism in contesting, subverting, and cultivating pedagogies and policies? Working within institutional infrastructures, how can cultural practitioners resist and reform spaces of gender-based violence such as the university and the art museum? Can they enable or even give rise to new publics and subjectivities? What tools do trans, disability, and critical race studies offer for framing these questions in different ways?