Art 7 – Women Artists in History

Spring 2018

Image from Art 7 – Women Artists in History
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Riverside Community College District, Moreno Valley College, CA
Department of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

This course is a survey of the contributions of women artists from ancient times to present. It will include the representation of women artists in the following periods of art: Prehistoric and Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance (15-16th c.), Baroque (17th c.), Rococo (18th c.), Neo-Classic and Romantic, Modern (19th c.), Contemporary art movements (20th c. to present day), and American (17th c. – present day). In this course, students will be able to identify, describe and discuss women artists and their artwork in historical context, critique, compare and contrast various artists, artworks and styles, describe, analyze and discuss the styles of various cultures, historical periods, media, techniques, artworks and artists and formulate the observations and evaluations into written form, define and use appropriate art terminology, recognize, describe and assess the political, social and economiccontext in which women have produced artwork, and recognize, describe and assess the traditional and relative limitations and exclusions experienced by women artists.