Curating Justice: Institutional & Independent Perspectives on Social Change

April 21–23, 2017

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The School of Art and Art History at the University of Illinois Chicago
Open Engagement 2017, JUSTICE
Chicago, IL

Other Speakers

Allison Agsten, Director, Main Museum, Los Angeles; Alex Fialho, Programs Director, Visual AIDS, New York; and Sara Reisman, Artistic Director, The 8th Floor|Rubin Foundation, New York.

This panel considers how curators critically engage with the work of social justice by bringing together practitioners who work within the framework of full-time employment within an institution, and those who work independently. The goal is to consider how the resources, knowledges and experiences from curators with marked socio-cultural and socio-economic professional differences can be pooled together in order to learn from one another, but also to forge new pathways, partnerships and radical curatorial methodologies towards justice and equity.